Weekend in Oslo Guide


This is a super short  but sweet Oslo guide that I’ve compiled now for a friend who is going there..

Where to eat, shop and stay for a weekend in Oslo?

Reason for my trip to Oslo, Norway last December was being a part of Telenor Youth Forum 2015, where I presented my idea on how use the internet and modern technology to enable young people from all over the world to have the same opportunities. I was so grateful to be invited to attend Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony and as a cherry on top Nobel Peace Concert where we got to see Jason Derulo, Aurora, Kygo, Mo perform directly in front of us in the first row.

As you can assume, I was very buys those days so I couldn’t go around and explore much, but here’s what I’ve found!


If you are a coffee fanatic or a health food freak like me, you will enjoy these 3 spots!


Oslo is a mecca for those enjoy designer stores, minimalistic, super clean design, black and white combos and unique accessories and hidden vintage gems that are timeless, but do cost an arm and a leg.

I very much enjoy good Scandinavian style with great cut and minimal colors. I tend to wear only black clothing in the winter and white in the summer. I know I’m super weird, but who cares 🙂

What I go crazy with when in Norway is homeware: kitchenware, stationary, unique lighting, pillows and scented candles. You can never have too many, can you?


I stayed in a hotel next to Telenor Headquarters so I can be close and I was really satisfide with my room, the view, food choices and beautiul hotel lobby with unlimited free coffee!

Last photo from Oslo. It was beautiful, thank you for having us #tyf15 #oslo #oslove #norway

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Good morning view #oslo #tyf15 #telenoryouthforum2015 #workspace #minimal

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I wish I had more time to properly explore Oslo, so please do share your tips in the comments so I can have more fun next time, because this time it was more work 🙂