Porto Montenegro


I had the pleasure of visiting Porto Montenegro a few times already, but this time was really special because I experienced the beautiful art exhibition by famous Najat Makki during the UAE Days. Makki built her world reputation based on her specific art identity.
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During the Cultural Days of UAE I also got the opportunity to get a henna tattoo, while drinking Arab coffee ‘Al-Qahwa’’ and eating dates as a treat. Henna is a form of the hand and feet decoration popular in the Middle East. This practice comes from Arabia, India an Mediterranean culture but it is still popular nowadays.

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My mornings were spent in Regent Gourmet Corner sipping my cappuccino and enjoying gluten free chocolate cake. For lunch my choice was a Lebanese food spot Byblos with a truly authentic Lebanese atmosphere and heavenly bites.

My two other favorite spots include Clubhouse where I get my morning coffee and smoothies and Yacht Club where I enjoy sunbathing, reading a book and catching beautiful sunsets. Porto Montenegro is a true gem if you want to escape the ordinary, enjoy good food, relax, get out from the crowd and watch some beautiful boats.

Do not miss visiting the Old Submarine and Naval Heritage Collection Museum.

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The Old Submarine is a really unique experience where you get the real picture of how brave and fearless people had to be to live there and stay up to 3 days under water in it.

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