Mrtvica Canyon

Mrtvica is a real treasure of the untouched nature situated beneath the Maganik mountain at 1500m above sea level. You won’t regret visiting the canyon any time during the entire year, because every season has its beauty and charm. I visited it for the first time this November and the fusion of clear green water, yellow and pink leaves left me breathless. In the Spring, the waterfalls in full force due to its amount and it creates a surreal image of the big sparkly bubbles and foam,  being the result of the speed at which the water flows.

What is really amazing here in Mrtvica canyon is that there is a slightly modified Mediterranean climate. Going deep into the canyon, the influence of this climate mixed with mountain air allows the presence of the amazing vegetation and some typically Mediterranean plants such as sage, asparagus, figs, but at the same time such varieties like pine trees etc.

Mrtvica Canyon is a true hiking paradise. This beautiful canyon is 8 km long (the trekking part is around 7.5km). The walk is usually 6h long and you can rest and enjoy the beautiful sceneries when you get tired. You will definitely stop every now and then to take a couple of photographs. If you have no experience with mountain trekking, you should definitely contact a local guide to take you through the canyon, although the marked trails are very useful during this adventure.

There was one animal we kept on seeing during our walk. It was a black Triton with neon yellow dots. Here are photos of some of them. They seem to be really eager to pose for the camera.

You will also experience man-made Mrtvičke grede, which look like they have been in the canyon forever. This road was created by the army, and its name Mrtvičke grede literally means “deadly beams”, implying how difficult it has been to get to the canyon and explore it until the army opened it back in the 1970’s.

The gate of Wishes is an amazing place where you can find a rock, make a wish and throw it into the water, as hard as you can. It is a magical place where, according to a legend, a fairy from Maganik makes your wishes come true. There is one catch though – your wish has to be pure and it cannot be a wish that will hurt someone else if it comes true.

Danilo’s Bridge in Mrtvica reminded me of a scenery from a fairytale, and here are some photographs that will tell more than words ever could.

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