Perast and Lady of The Rock

Perast is the most beautiful old town in Montenegro if you ask me. Across from it, you can enjoy a beautiful view on Our Lady of the Rocks, the only artificial island in the Adriatic. According to the legend, it was built after a fisherman found the icon of Madonna and Child on a rock in the middle of the sea, undamaged and saved by a miracle after years of floating in the waters. To pay his respects he decided to build a beautiful island with a picturesque chapel dedicated to The Lady who is the saint protector of the fishermen.

Every year on July 22nd, the traditional event ‘’Fašinada’’ gathers the locals who take their fishing boats to the island, surround it and throw rocks to the sea with an idea to expand and strengthen the island’s surface area. This is the old tradition that passes from one generation to another.

In this lovely church, you will find some of the most amazing works of art, made by famous painters but also by those unknown to the general public. The one that made the biggest impression on me was a votive tapestry embroiled by Jacinta Kunić-Mijović from Perast. Back in those days, women from Perast stayed home while their husbands went on long journeys, and during that time they turned to write and art, in order to make the months and years pass faster. Jacinta created this amazing piece over a period of 25 years. She has woven into the tapestry parts of her hair, golden when she was young and silver in the old age. You will also be able to see a large collection of books, Chinese vases, porcelain, old coffee-making machine, a bread-making machine…

I highly recommend visiting Perast and experiencing this immense monumental beauty. Once you’re there you can visit Kotor and its Old TownRisan and its mosaics, Prčanj and its incredible church Saint Toma and enjoy the best food in Ćatovica Mlini.


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