Telenor Youth Forum 2015


I can now announce that I will present Serbia in Telenor Youth Forum 2015 in  Norway this December. I will be presenting my idea on how use the internet and modern technology to enable young people from all over the world to have the same opportunities in front of the Jury including the Director of Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo and Sigve Brekke – TelenorGroup Chief Executive Officer.

I will also have the opportunity of visiting the Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony on 10th December and Nobel Peace Concert.

Here is the question we needed to adress:
The Internet facilitates life-long learning on a whole new level, unimaginable to previous generations. How can we ensure that more people benefit from this opportunity? How can access to meaningful content contribute to their personal development and life improvement?

My Entry:

More often than not I wonder how do people live without the internet? How do they learn, improve, grow or find their dream job? For me personally internet was a gateway from the reality, a VIP pass into the world of continuous improvement. I was gaining new skills on the go with my laptop, tablet and phone. In the bus, plane or train. It makes my heart break to know that there are people in this world who don’t have that opportunity. What I take for granted, for them is a luxury.

I want to find an answer to how we can ensure that more people benefit from the internet. Those people deserve to have the same opportunities that I had. To learn on Coursera, travel for free via Trevolta, volunteer abroad via WorkAway. To find like-minded individuals, to start movements and initiate changes.
Social entrepreneurship is a core interest of mine and I’m motivated to help those less fortunate than me. I gave my contribution by asking friends to donate money for my birthday presents and invested it in getting a tablet for a boy I met in a shelter house that showed me how you can give something even when you have nothing. He was tutoring other kids from the shelter and teaching them math.

I realized that what drives social changes is the fear of the mediocrity, as well as the clear vision for the future. I strongly believe that a great idea will always overcome the lack of resources and that where you integrate ones passion with knowledge and fight your battles with creativity, the result will always follow. Act small but think big. I am a firm believer that no matter who we are and where we come from, there are things that we can teach, stories we can share and causes we can contribute to.