5 Creative Ways to Make Money On The Road


Today we have a guest post by Nina Camara who shares her tips on 5 Creative Ways to Make Money On The Road.

If you are one of those creative souls wondering how to finance your wanderlust the answers lies in this very sentence: Create, I dare you! Travel is one of the best activities to incite creative genius in all of us and yet there are not that many travellers who use this gift to its full potential. Here are some handy tips to help you monetize your talents.

Write a blog

When you are on the road the most obvious blog topic is travel. It seems that people just can’t get enough of reading about wanderlust, nomadic lifestyle, travelling the world for free (kind of), bootstrapping, volountourism and other related topics.

However, your blog doesn’t have to be about travel , there are also other highly popular niches such as health & fitness, relationships or money & finance.

Selling your arts and crafts

In many popular tourist destinations you can rent a stall at a local market. Also, you can just try your luck and offer your goods at any place with a good foot traffic such as popular local beach or busy nightlife spot. People love to bring home travel inspired bohemian jewellery. If you are skillful in making rings, pendants, earrings or bracelets you should definitely give this a go. In case drawing is your passion travelling is a golden opportunity to put it in good use. Tourists love to buy their own portraits, caricatures or landscapes of local landmarks.


If you love taking photos of those special wanderlust moments and know a thing or two about composition rules why not explore opportunities to make money this way? There are many websites where you can showcase your artwork. Usually, these sites have their own royalties systems where you are paid commission if someone downloads or buys your photo. One of the most popular ones are iStockPhotos, SmugMug, Fotolia, Alamy, Getty Images, Deamstime, Photoseller or Shuttershock.

Digital Arts

According to wikipedia this term refers to artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative and presentation process. In practical terms you can use your knowledge of design, animation or programming for a vast range of creative projects. Some examples of what is on demand include web design, social media design, banner ads, logos, infographics, presentations, packaging design and many more.


Are you intrigued by all the disciplines which serve to restore a healthy balance in our body and mind? Then you surely would have a lot to offer to tons of tired holiday makers wherever you go. Try put together basic yoga class and invite locals to have the first go for free or for a discounted price. Teach others how to relax their stressed mind using the help of guided meditation techniques. Alternatively, you can earn some money with providing therapeutic massage to private clients either directly on the beach or in a comfort of their hotel rooms.