City Break Belgrade



If you are anything like me, you like to prepare before you come to a new city. Here are some great books that will entertain you and make you understand Serbian mentality a little bit better. You can get them online on Amazon or in street bookshops in Belgrade.

The titles are:  Momo Kapor (A Guide to the Serbian mentality, The Magic of Belgrade) and Emma Fick (Snippets of Serbia).  They also make a great gift for your friends back home.


Where to Stay

You have so many cool places to stay in Belgrade, whether you are into fancy hotels (Square Nine, Radisson Blu, Hyatt, Crown Plaza, Metropol) or you are more a hostel kind of person traveling on a budget.

If you want to find the perfect apartment to feel like at home, City Break Apartments are great option to look into. They are located in the city center from where you can easily and simply reach all important points in Belgrade.



Food you should try n buy

Makadam Shop If you are new to Belgrade it is difficult to find all the local designers by yourself so lovely folks from Makadam did that for you. This concept shop, bistro and event spot was founded in June 2015 in the historical center of Belgrade where each piece is handmade by local artisans and designers. I keep coming back for Makadam Scented Candles.

Rakia Bar You cannot go back home from Serbia without Rakia for all your friends. Drop by Rakia bar and try different types of them so you can choose the best one for your buddies. Also, get some Adore Rakia Bar chocolate pralines that have 10 different flavors filled with rakia made from plum, aromatic plants, quince, honey, cherries, and raspberries.

Photo Travel through Belgrade

Belgrade has a rich heritage of many centuries, the modern cultural and artistic scene and design, distinctive city attractions, exciting nightlife, fine international cuisine and its well-known local food and drinks, local hidden gems waiting to be discovered.


How does it work?

A professional photographer will be your guide and take you on a tour capturing the creative angles of Belgrade seen through a photo camera. You will get an album of beautiful moments during the tour and if you are interested you will also get a- photography tips so you can take better photos yourself. The tours last for 2h  and you can choose some of the suggested routes: Rivers of Belgrade, Dorćol eternal charm of contrasts, Street art Belgrade creative energy and Kalemegdan Fortress. Or you can choose to tell them more about yourself and pick your own route.

Whether you decide to go with them or alone do not miss Michael Pupin interactive exhibition in History Museum and Nikola Tesla’s Museum.

Vegan, vegetarian, organic, gluten-free, macrobiotic

If you are looking for an ultimate vegan and organic list of spots you are at the right place because I’ve made one just for you 🙂

Quotes on Belgrade

“… I went to Belgrade with no expectations of décor, images, gaiety, anything interesting, and now I am a complete victim of its seductive charm that I must say goodbye to it with the greatest pain. This is a new sensation: falling in love with a city.”
Herbert Vivian, journalist


“The sky above Belgrade is expansive and high, shifting yet always beautiful; clear with its chill splendour during the winter; turning into a single downcast cloud during summer storms, driven by the crazy winds and bearing rain mixed with the dust of the Pannonian plain; seeming to flower along with the ground during spring; and growing heavy with roils of autumnal stars during fall. Always beautiful and bountiful, it is a reward to this odd township for all that is missing and a comfort for everything that should not be.”
Ivo Andrić, writer and Nobel Prize winner


“This grand city seems to have always been like this: torn and split, as if it never exists but is perpetually being created, built upon and recovered. On one side it waxes and grows, on the other, it wanes and deteriorates. Ever in motion and rustle, never calm and never knowing tranquility or quiet. The city upon two rivers, on the grand clearing, bound by the winds.”
Ivo Andrić, writer and Nobel Prize winner


“There are places in Belgrade where picket fences still exist, with weeds of a strong and bitter smell growing right next to them… a turtledove is coming upon the wild pear branch and the lost field mouse is running in terror or hunger… All these things still exist, in a street with no name and a house with no number… Stuck like a thistle to the pants of the metropolis, traveling across a time and space they do not belong to.”
Dušan Radović, poet, and writer


”You had so much to rebuild, having been bombed by both the Germans and the Allies. The other cities of Europe have an easy time boasting of their beauty… You have a beautiful little zoo… They told me that during the bombing the zoo was destroyed and the animals fled to the streets but returned of their own volition… It is truly a lovely tale – though I do not know if it is true…”
Alfred Hitchcock, film director