Weekend in Oslo Guide


This is a super short  but sweet Oslo guide that I’ve compiled now for a friend who is going there..

Where to eat, shop and stay for a weekend in Oslo?

The reason for my trip to Oslo, Norway last December was being a part of Telenor Youth Forum 2015, where I presented my idea on how to use the internet and modern technology to enable young people from all over the world to have the same opportunities. I was so grateful to be invited to attend Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony and as a cherry on top Nobel Peace Concert where we got to see Jason Derulo, Aurora, Kygo, Mo perform directly in front of us in the first row.

As you can assume, I was very busy those days so I couldn’t go around and explore much, but here’s what I’ve found!


If you are a coffee fanatic or a health food freak like me, you will enjoy these 3 spots!


Oslo is a mecca for those who enjoy designer stores, minimalistic, super clean design, black and white combos and unique accessories and hidden vintage gems that are timeless but do cost an arm and a leg.

I very much enjoy good Scandinavian style with a great cut and minimal colors. I tend to wear only black clothing in the winter and white in the summer. I know I’m super weird, but who cares 🙂

What I go crazy with when in Norway is homeware: kitchenware, stationary, unique lighting, pillows and scented candles. You can never have too many, can you?


I stayed in a hotel next to Telenor Headquarters so I can be close and I was really satisfied with my room, the view, food choices and beautiful hotel lobby with unlimited free coffee!

Last photo from Oslo. It was beautiful, thank you for having us #tyf15 #oslo #oslove #norway

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Good morning view #oslo #tyf15 #telenoryouthforum2015 #workspace #minimal

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I wish I had had more time to properly explore Oslo, so please do share your tips in the comments so I can have more fun next time because this time it was more work 🙂