Weekend in Budapest


Two days can be little time to see everything there is in Budapest, but for me this was my second time here and I was more in the mood for relaxing and enjoying myself than sightseeing. So my plan was to eat as many desserts I could find, drink delicious cappuccinos and have dinner in my favorite Israeli and Lebanese food spots. During the day, I decided to spend my time bathing in Rudas Baths which were a short walking distance from the place where I was staying.


My mornings started in Naspolya Nassolda where I had raw cakes, cappuccino with homemade almond milk and chia seed pudding. Lunch was a great time to check out Mazel Tov, one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve seen in Budapest, located in a beautiful hidden garden. After long walks, when we got tired we dropped by Marumoto Japanese Tea Room and had matcha latte and ice cream to lift our energy after lunch.

Figyelem! A málna és sárgabarack szezon a végéhez közeledik. Ha szeretnétek még enni Sárgabarack pitét levendulával, Málnás "joghurttortát" vagy Fehércsokis málnatortát akkor siessetek, legközelebb jövőre tudjátok megkóstolni őket ✨?? /// Attention! Raspberry and apricot season are close to their ends! If you want to eat one more, hurry up, your next chance to try out Apricot pie, Raspberry "yoghurt" cake or Raspberry cake with "white chocolate" will be next year ✨?? #seasonal #seasonalfruit #raw #rawvegan #vegan #vegetarian #cleaneating #wholefoods #cake #pie #raspberry #apricot #healthyeats #natural #nourish #eatwell #plantbased #glutenfree #sugarfree #eggfree #dairyfree #yummy #whatveganseat #mutimiteszel #naspolyanassolda #budapest

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Hummus Bar is a great spot on the go, and for a large delicious gluten free vegan lunch that cost only 10e for 2 of us visit Napfényes Étterem és Cukrászda! For tasty and cheap Chinese food check out Tao!

The full list of all above-mentioned spot can be found on my Foursquare.


Speaking about food, another great spot in Budapest is the Great Market Hall, where you can, besides buying groceries, enjoy sightseeing as well. It is located on Vámház krt. 1-3, near Danube. For a touristy spot, prices are quite affordable and the choice of groceries is okay as well. Also, it’s quite an adventure talking to the vendors about food in English!


If you are more of a tea person, there is a great hidden place with not so many tourists – Sirius Teaház. It is a tea house in the street Bródy Sándor 13 with interesting interior and more than 70 types of tea. Cozy atmosphere, great tea with cookies and the fact that it is not easy to spot, makes Sirius tea house a real pearl to discover.


Coffee is my thing and if you’ve been following me on Instagram you already know this. I think it is an obsession for that matter, because whenever I visit a new city, my starting point for exploration is the local coffee shop, where I become friends with the barista and go from there. He usually shares the best coffee, food and city tips with me over my cappuccino. I also find like-minded people in coffee shops, by like-minded I mean nerds, bookworms, techies etc.

For the ultimate Budapest coffee list, check out this blog post by my friend Matt Lambert, another coffee addict <3


The best things in life come for free, and they definitely do in Budapest. Take a walk by the Danube during the night and you’ll see the Budapest’s romantic side. Do visit the parliament and other cool historical stuff, but make sure to walk by the river in the evening and see the beautiful bridges and the lights of Budapest.

Also, Danube divides the city into two parts, Buda and Pest. Buda is more of a chill mode and has a lot of green spots, but the hot spots and the great nightlife are in Pest.


Old ruined pubs are apparently a thing in Budapest and the oldest and the coolest one is Szimpa Kert. Besides its unusual looks, Szimpla is quite popular because you can relax there during the day, go out at night, or visit an adorable market on Sunday mornings when Hungarian farmers sell food. But because of its touristic popularity, if you want to meet Hungarians and experience how they like to party, Szimpla is definitely not the place where you can find them. I found this place very interesting, although a little too much for my taste, I am leaning toward a more minimal look.


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I really enjoyed Rudas most! Why? Because of the amazing rooftop view and wonderful saunas. Saunas are my favorite thing, after which I love to jump into ice cold pool (17 degrees Celsius). I know, crazy, but I am a bit extreme as you may know. Good to know: If you are there as a couple you can only visit on weekends, as the rest of the week it is only men or only women on different days.

Best place to spend our last day ??

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Széchenyi Baths and Pool are the most well know but for my taste, they are too crowded with people and older people tend to go there more.

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