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During the last year, I’ve lived in Dubai, Cyprus and Belgrade. I’ve visited Vienna, Milan, Iceland, Oslo and many other cities for a period of one week or more. It sounds like fun, but in reality, it is very tiring, overwhelming and it can be next to impossible to have a “normal” life while spending most of your time in the airplanes, cars and buses. I really try as hard as I can to maintain my healthy diet during my trips  and exercise as much as I can. Sometimes, I don’t have a gym in my hotel so I have to improvise. Taking to my friend Nada about it, she came up with these easy exercise that you can do no matter where you are. You don’t need additional equipment, you just need to dedicate some time and good will and you’re ready to start.


This first exercise is supposed to warm you up and prepare your body for tougher exercises. Don’t rush, go slower in order to gradually warm up. The perfect warm up will raise your body and muscle temperature. You should prepare both mentally and physically for each training.


Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, keep your arms relaxed next to the body. Start bending your legs down preparing to jump up the next stair.

Depending on your level of training you will be able to get deeper into a squat position.

Push up from the heels and make sure you feel stable , so you don’t slip.

Jump up the stairs


In this exercise, we are climbing the stairs, while alternately crossing legs. This can be a bit more demanding exercise in terms of your coordination. You climb the stairs alternately one then the other foot so that legs go one over another.

Leg crossing


In the photos, we will show you 3 options of how to do a pushup. Pick one that is suitable for your fitness level. The easiest option is to do them in a standing position or leaning on a fence or wall .

Another option is that you are in a semi – lying position bending on the stairs.

The third option is to lower the single point of support, raise one leg and hold it up in the air while doing a push-up.

img_1285 Travel and fitness img_1252


In the first exercise, lift your legs up and hold them up for the whole the time. Place your hands behind your head. Slowly lift your upper body part, so as to separate the shoulders off the floor. Force the exhalation when you go up, inhale when you return down. Of course, make sure there is a space between your chin and chest.

This other exercise is best done along the stairs, but you can also do it on the floor . This is a great endurance exercise. You alternately squeeze first one and then the leg on the inside , pulling it to your chest. If you work out quickly, this can become a cardio exercise . Do not forget to breathe!



Abs exercises


Although we activated triceps while doing push-ups , we can always do a little bit more. Women upper arms are definitely a sore point and a place in the body where most fast accumulates . This exercise can not dissolve the fat , but it can influence the formation of this muscle , which can provide a more beautiful appearance of the hand and give you a firmer look.



Stretching is an important part of every exercise and shouldn’t be neglected because it calms down your body after the exercise. Even if you don’t have time to spend a large amount of time stretching, 10 minutes can mean a lot for your body. If you feel your body needs some extra stretching, do try a yoga or pilates class from time to time.

img_1315 img_1324 img_1325 img_1292

I really hope you found this post useful and that it can help you stay fit while on the road!

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