How do you actually find a mentor

Finding a mentor can be challenging, especially if you live in a country like Serbia and the people you admire are located in San Francisco or Beijing. Well, complaining ain’t my thing so let’s talk about how I solved this issue when I was starting 6 years ago. […]

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How to start a blog from scratch?

Starting a blog can be a pain in the ass if you wait to do it when you are ready. First of all, you will most probably never start, because you will never think that you are ready. Secondly, others will do it, while you are procrastinating; they will fail, learn and progress.


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My Productivity Hacks

I never keep things I don’t wear, books I don’t plan to read again, makeup that I don’t use or anything I don’t need for that matter. I really think I have a rich life now, with much less stuff than ever. […]

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