Don’t judge

14. 01. 2016


Let’s talk about the ability to see behind your initial instincts that make you have certain generalizations when you meet new people.

We are all humans, we all make mistakes, we all do good things, we were all hurt by someone else and felt happy, loved, threatened, sad and depressed.

Just because someone sin differently than you, doesn’t give you power over them.

Thinking that you have power over someone because you are smarter, richer, or better educated is a sign of stupidity.

You never know that someone from Harvard is smarter than someone who is street smart and who can out-work them, trick them or manipulate them in ways you can never even think of.

Moreover, just because someone has more money doesn’t prove that he is smarter, a better person, or more valuable than you are.

I’ve met tons of rich people in New York who were just lucky, at the right place at the right time, or even rude, stupid, and ignorant, but they think only because they have more zeros on the bank account than me their opinion matters more.

True abundance has nothing to do with money and everything to do with you living your life mission, contributing to your surrounding, and being financially compensated for giving back.

Oh, what a pity I feel for people who think rich and pretty people have everything they need to be happy, what a foolish mistake they are making.

Do you think illness doesn’t attack rich and smart?

If it was like that, Steve Jobs would still be here with us today, changing history.

Do you think just because someone is really pretty, they have it easier than you because everyone is in awe when they walk into the room.

Don’t be so shallow.

I dare you to force yourself to look deeper.

To search for the real truth.

The real meaning of things in life.

Manage your ego, it is like a dog, either you are walking the dog or the dog is walking you.

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